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We love Instagram

Knuma Beside Crib Instagram

When we recently launched the Knuma Instagram account, we’d love it if you would follow us, we were unsure exactly how it would work. Having heard lots about how expectant, new and experienced parents where using it and sharing their lives made us wonder just what we’d discover in the Instagram feeds.

We were very pleasantly surprised

The love out on Instagram really blew us away. Sure there are lots of people sharing what they are eating, drinking wearing and showing how clever their cat is. But there are also lots and lots of parents and soon-to-be parents talking about their hopes, fears, aspirations and accomplishments.

There’s lots of love for Knuma too

Most pleasing of all was to discover that there is lots of love for our Huddle Bedside Crib out on Instagram too! For our team exploring Instagram was like lifting the lid off a huge toy box where everyone had been playing for a long time. We really love it.

How do you find Instagrammers?

If you’re new to Instagram it can seem a little daunting to use. A good idea is to watch it for a while and see which feeds catch your eye. A good place to start is to link it up with your Facebook account, that way the app will show you which of your friends are already using it.

Another way to explore is to use hashtags. The little # symbol used before a word in the search box will show you all the images which have that added to them. A few of our favourites are:

  • #Pregnantblogger
  • #Expecting
  • #Nursery
  • #BedsideCrib
  • #Cot
  • #Babysleeping
  • #Cosleeping

There are lots to try, the best way is just to experiment and find your own way around.

Here’s who we follow

As we said we’re still finding our way around Instagram, but here are a few of the accounts we really love.

Who are we missing?

Of course there are lots and lots more who we love and follow, sorry we couldn’t fit you all on. If there are Instagrammers you love and we’ve missed them off please let us know.


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