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Safer Sleep Week – 13th to 17th March

It is Safer Sleep Week in the UK, launched by The Lullaby Trust and partners who aim to reach as many new and expectant parents to raise awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The Trust is dedicated to halving the number of SIDS occurring by 2020 and gives proven advice on how parents and carers can reduce the risk of it occurring,

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Alongside this week’s campaign, the Lullaby Trust has commissioned a survey of 500 parents with children aged 0-2 years and published some hard hitting statistics.

More than half of parents are unsure of the basic steps they can take to lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Most parents were aware of SIDS, but there was confusion around a fundamental step to reduce the risk – sleeping a baby on its back for every sleep.

38% of parents were unsure whether they can sleep a baby on their front and 55% were unsure whether to sleep a baby on their side.

Best advice on how babies should be placed in their sleep has changed dramatically when the national “Back to Sleep” campaign was launched in 1991.  Until that time it was commonplace to place babies on their fronts and the advice from the campaign was to place babies on their backs.

Alongside continued awareness raising over the past 25 years, SIDS rates in the UK have fallen by 85% since 1991.

Lullaby Trust chief executive Francine Bates stated that, 25 years after the Back to Sleep campaign, the survey results had “shown us we need to go back to basics”.

“Following the ABC’s as part of a baby’s routine for every sleep day and night is a simple way to help protect them from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and allow parents the peace of mind to enjoy this special time with their baby,” she added.

For more advice about safer sleep for your infant, visit the Lullaby Trusts website that has information on SIDS and guides on safer sleep.

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