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Knuma Connect gets high praise in Asia

For three dads from Leeds, this has been an incredible month! The Knuma Connect 4-in-1 Highchair is not only exhibiting for the very first time at a lifestyle exhibition in Tokyo, but Knuma Connect has also launched in Taiwan too! It’s a huge delight to everyone at Knuma that this 4-stage adjustable highchair is proving such a hit in Asia.

knuma connect highcahir taiwan baby show exhibit


Connecting with parents in Taiwan

One renowned Taiwanese blogger and photographer, known as Max, is really singing the praises of the Knuma Connect. Rather than focusing on the aesthetics of this stylish piece of baby furniture as many of us do in the UK, this blogger was really impressed by the safety features of the Connect and how easy it was to assemble at every stage.

Max loves how versatile the Knuma Connect is saying “it’s a comfortable child’s table and chair. What’s more, it can be used as a dinner table and chair, where the child can have meals on their own or with parents.” He goes on to say that having just decorated his home in the Muji style, he loves how well the highchair fits in.

“It’s both good-looking and safe”

Max is also really impressed by the well-designed safety features of the Knuma Connect. “At the bottom of the chair legs and the table legs, there are white non-slip feet stopping the chair sliding and leaning forward. There are two grooves at the bottom of each chair frame, which fix the table top in place. In addition, there are safety studs fixing the footrest in place.” He says “the Knuma Connect 4-in-1 Highchair is like a custom-made product as its dimensions are quite sKnuma Connect taiwan blog boy eating at highchairuitable for Ray”

Max finishes his article saying that “The designs of children’s products become meaningful when children rely on the products entirely, and love them strongly. This is because children are straightforward and honest. If they like it, they are happy and willing to use it. Otherwise, they don’t use it at all.” So it’s great to hear that Ray (his 2 year old) didn’t want to leave the highchair and that he rushes to the table and enjoys playing building blocks on it!











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