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Huddle+ The Perfect Co Sleeping Crib for High or Tall Beds

When choosing any co sleeping cot, one that sits aligned to the mattress height of your own bed is essential.

With 10 height settings Knuma’s Huddle+ is one of the highest co sleeping cots on the market, ensuring that both baby and parent are safe and comfortable in the night when sleeping.

Co Sleeping Cot for High Beds

Tall beds tend to be both divans and older metal framed beds, and the Huddle+ has the following functionality that ensures that the cot sits tight to the frame or divan.

1. The crib is sold with two different types of strap. Long straps to be used with divan beds and a shorter strap that secures a framed bed. Straps attach the Huddle+ firmly to the parental or carer bed so that the crib is secure.

2. The 10 height settings mean that the huddle will sit up to 70 cm from the floor – at mattress height, one of the highest on the market.

3. The cotton side allows parents and carers to see their baby, but protect the baby from sudden movements in their own bed.

4. The multiple height setting also give more flexibility if a bed is changed or the crib is taken to alternative carer.

5. With the crib secured and mattresses are aligned, night time feeding is done with ease.

6. Bedside cribs and co sleeping cots allow babies to get used to sleeping in their own surroundings and also can make the transition over to a full-size cot or cot bed much easier.

For any carer or parent choosing a co sleeping cot or bedside crib, the main factors to consider include;
• Ensuring that the mattresses are aligned and the height of the crib can equal the height of their own mattress.
• The co sleeping cot and mattress adhere to EU safety standards.
• The baby is comfortable in its new surroundings.

For further information about the Huddle+ visit our bedside crib page for further details of the specifications and also reading our safe sleeping page will give new or expecting parents and carers additional information about choosing a co sleeping cot or bedside crib.

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