6 top secrets for sneaking fruit and veg into your toddler’s diet

You know yourself that getting your toddler to sit down long enough to eat, never mind eat a balanced diet, is tricky! And if they’re a fussy eater or going through the “no” stage, it’s even more difficult. So rather than worrying if they’re getting nutrients, it’s time for you to have fun and get sneaky with fruit and veg!

What vitamins and nutrients does my child need?

Just like you, your toddler needs a varied diet to get all the starch, iron, protein, calcium, omega 3, vitamins and minerals to develop into a strong and healthy child. This great Baby Centre article gives you lots of information on these food groups and which foods contain them.

It’s not just physical development that a balanced diet can influence. Eating well in the early years can also help your child have a happy relationship with food later on and be more adventurous in the foods they try.

Making fruit and veg fun for kids

If you cook most meals and snacks there are plenty of opportunities to sneak in fruit, veg, dairy and meat without your toddler noticing. And even if you haven’t time to cook from scratch, there are still lots of little ways you can add the most important food groups into prepared meals.

  1. Make dips & veg - Buy pots of houmous, guacamole or soft cheese and arrange colourful veg like peppers, carrot and cherry tomatoes in fun patterns on the plate. Or try making your own veg houmous by blending up chargrilled veg, chick peas, lemon and garlic.
  1. Have fun baking together – Make healthy banana bread, carrot cake with cream cheese topping, blueberry and banana muffins or oatmeal and raisin cookies.
  1. Healthy snacks – Forget crisps and chocolate and make your own ice lollies with fruit and yoghurt, or put their favourite fruits on cocktails sticks and freeze them.
  1. Homemade soup – This is a great way to use up veg and get lots greens into your child’s diet. You can make it easier to eat by thickening the soup with potato.
  1. Veg pasta – Rather than using white or brown pasta, you can make “spaghetti” from squash by cooking it first and forking the flesh out or if you have a spiralizer try courgetti and sweet potato bolognaise
  1. Veg confetti – Whizz up carrots, squash, cauliflower or mushrooms and sprinkle on pasta. For a super healthy pizza, you could sprinkle veg confetti on the base and top with cheese and a tomato sauce doctored with pureed peppers and carrots.



If you’re struggling to get your child to stay at the table long enough to try your cooking, try a follow-on highchair like the Knuma Connect. This adaptable 4-in-1 furniture transforms into a mid-height highchair with a 5-point harness, so your toddler can sit at the dinner table for longer and enjoy your veg-packed meals!

From popular co-sleeping cribs to the best children’s high chairs, Knuma shows off at ExCel, London

The Baby Show at ExCel London, held from 19th - 21st February this year was yet another chance for the Knuma team to meet lots of lovely new parents and mums and dads to be. The Baby Show is the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event and attracts more than 23,000 visitors across the three days. It has everything needed for bump, baby and beyond.

The show had a huge array of essential baby products and was a great chance to rub shoulders with other trusted brands such as Snuzpod, Tommee Tippee, Stokke and Chicco, to name just a few. As creators of innovative children’s furniture ourselves, we appreciated the many great designs that were on show. Parents could make some excellent savings too, with thousands walking away with great value products, which always gets the Knuma thumbs up. Expert advice was also available from leading baby experts covering hot topics including, weaning, breastfeeding and co-sleeping.

It was at last year’s ExCelKnuma Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib in its different modes London Baby Show that we launched our Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib and this year we were there to showcase our crib again. With the market for co-sleeping cribs steadily growing, we were there to introduce and demonstrate the Huddle to the many visitors that passed through our stall. And with 20% off for Baby Show visitors, many of them snapped up a Huddle crib for themselves.

Our director Christian was at the show and had this to say:

“We launched the Huddle at last year’s Excel show and were really pleased to see some of our customers from that show come back to see us at our stand this year, complete with their newest family members.They gave us some great positive feedback on the Huddle and told us how using it had made bedtime much easier for them.They were even happy to recommend the Huddle to the new parents at the show which made for quite a buzz on our stand.”




Knuma named ‘number one’ in must-have baby products

We even received a wonderful mention from bunintheovernbirthing, who snapped up a Huddle after a visit to the Knuma stand and listed us as number one in their ‘must have’ baby products from the show. You can read their blog here.knuma-connect

Like last year, our Connect 4-in-1 highchair went down a storm again.Thousands of mums and dads are already familiar with its range of benefits; transforming easily from a full-size highchair with a 5-point harness and adjustable tray into a mid-height highchair for use at the dinner table – and then to a toddler or child’s desk and chair. Just as great for the very early stages as it is for independent eating and when they start to bring their homework home,  it’s easy to see why it was proving so popular again.

If you missed The Baby Show at Excel London, don’t panic! There are two more where you can pick up our lovely Knuma products:

NEC Birmingham 13th -15th May 2016

Olympia London 21st – 23rd October 2016

Look out for the special offers we will be offering at the events by following us on Facebook and Twitter @knumafurniture and a big thanks to all parents who’ve already liked, shared and loved our Knuma range.

Award-winning Knuma Huddle and Connect

Bedside cribs, babies’ highchairs and why they’re living much longer

It’s a given these days that new parents have to multitask to even have a chance of managing their busy schedules. But here at Knuma, we’re helping busy parents ourselves by creating products that are brilliant at multitasking too. Products like the Connect Highchair and the Huddle Bedside Crib are becoming increasingly popular as more and more savvy parents are using their space and their budgets far more wisely.

Why multifunctional baby products are winning more parents hearts:

Multifunctional baby products are better value for money

When you think of all the things you need as a parent and add the cost up for each of those items, it all adds up, very quickly. When you consider that it costs, on average, around £230,000 to raise a child to the age of 21*, the sooner you can start saving on that, the better! And when you also consider the Knuma Connect highchair can be used up to the age of 6 and the Knuma Huddle bedside crib to the age of 12, it’s clear to see better value in the purchase decisions alone. The fact they change into completely different objects with other uses such as desks, chair and benches provides even more value.

[caption id="attachment_464" align="alignleft" width="600"]Award-winning Knuma Huddle and Connect Award-winning Knuma Huddle and Connect[/caption]

Multifunctional baby products are a better use of space

Parents know more than anyone how quickly rooms and then houses can become cluttered with furniture, toys and unsightly plastic. Pretty soon, parents can feel like their home no longer belongs to them. The advent of great quality, stylish furniture that transforms to perform different functions means that you need less space to do more things with your child. And the great thing about the Connect 4-in-1 highchair is that it can quickly be swapped between a traditional height highchair, a mid size high chair to fit under the dining room table, a desk and chair and a portable chair which can be quickly moved from room to room.

Multifunctional baby products grow with your family

This may sound strange at first, but outstanding quality furniture that adapts to your family’s needs becomes, over time, almost a part of the family; much-loved items that children and parents know well and use comfortably over years. And at Knuma we know children are individuals with ever-changing needs and preferences, which is why we create products that adapt to life-stages. Unlike other highchairs and co-sleeping cribs such as the Snuzpod or the Chicco Next2Me bedside crib, Knuma’s Huddle 4-in-1 and Connect 4-in-1, convert to 4 different modes and will see your children way past their toddler years.

The Connect highchair’s usefulness up to 6 years is excellent, but the award-winning Huddle has the added longevity of being able to be turned into a desk and bench for your child, almost until they become teenagers. As a bedside crib with 10 different heights and a handy storage shelf, your baby will be close by your side while they sleep in their own defined space, allowing you to comfort and feed your baby throughout the night with ease and peace of mind, the perfect remedy to the concerns associated with traditional co-sleeping. So if you’re asking, “How safe is bed sharing or is it okay to share a bed with your baby?”, the Huddle is a reassuring alternative. Often known as a co-sleeping crib, the multi-functional Huddle can also be used as a standalone crib with a removable bassinet, perfect for daytime naps around the home. When the Huddle is no longer needed as a crib, it can be converted into a child’s desk and chair, with no additional parts required.

And for parents looking to buy adaptive children’s highchairs or bedside co-sleepers, knowing the products have a greater lifespan than ordinary products is a great reassurance. And, when you hear what people say about the Huddle, it’s no wonder that so many think they’re among the best bedside cribs around: here’s just one example:

The Knuma Huddle is so much easier, I do not have to get out of bed:

“I love this bedside sleeper. I wish I had this with my first baby. Having my son so close yet in a separate place is fantastic. This has made night feeds so much easier, I do not have to get out of bed. The mesh sides allow airflow great for the summer or hot babies. It is height adjustable and can be a Moses basket, separate crib then a desk and chair so could be good value to boot. I could see this lasting more than one baby.”

Huddle 4-in-1 – Danielle Reuby M&B Awards 2016

Available in beech and white, Knuma’s Connect highchair is so versatile; it will see your child through the first six years. From weaning, as a full size highchair with a 5-point harness and adjustable tray, to a mid size highchair for use at the dinner table, to a toddler or child’s desk and chair, helpful for independent eating and when they start to bring their homework home.

But what about the Knuma Connect? Is that really amongst the best children’s highchairs? Here’s what just one satisfied customer has to say:

The Knuma Connect retains its usefulness for longer than an ordinary highchair:

“This chair has a European feel about it. It arrives flatpacked, but assembly is straightforward. The chair is versatile in that it is intended to perform a useful purpose throughout the lifetime of your child. I think the design of the chair is very good. It has a seatbelt so the infant doesn’t fall out, and the fact that it’s customizable means this item retains its usefulness for longer than an ordinary highchair”

Connect 4-in-1 – Mr Owl, Knuma customer

The quality of Knuma’s products also means they will come in handy for a number of children as your family grows, making them excellent value for money. Made from solid durable beech wood, the easy to clean, hardwearing surfaces will bring you peace of mind that your child is safe. And with a range of exciting accessories, in different colours, both the Huddle and Connect will fit beautifully into your home, whatever your style.

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