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Tips to help your baby sleep

It may not feel like it, but newborns usually sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day. But having just a 40 minute sleep cycle and tiny stomachs that need food every 3-5 hours, sleep can feel much more elusive than 16 hours, especially at night.

Just like adults, every baby is different and what sends one baby off to sleep doesn’t necessarily help your baby sleep. Whatever methods you try, establishing a good routine is key – how strict this needs to be is up to you. As baby doesn’t recognise day and night until they’re around 4 months old, these tips are about creating predictable signals for your little one to signify bed time.

Daytime routine is as important as night

One popular article, “Teach your baby to sleep (in just 7 days)” by Stephanie Wood in Parent Magazine, really focuses on making stark differences between day and evening routines so your baby understands the difference quicker. During the day it suggests:

  • putting your baby’s crib by the window with the blinds up at nap time
  • making feeds active and fun by tickling baby’s feet and singing along.

Winding down for sleepy-time

As 7pm approaches, start baby’s night time routine by dimming the lights and being less playful with them. Avoid noisy distractions like answering the phone, playing with musical toys, and if you can, ask guests to leave. Try and keep this pattern the same every night to establish a clear signal to baby that this is the lead up to bedtime.


Co-sleeping-crib-award-winner-KnumaNow it’s time to get baby cosy. What calms one baby may not calm yours, but try:

  • running baby a warm bath
  • putting on their pyjamas and settling down for a feed in a comfy chair
  • loosely swaddling, depending on your views
  • using a soft voice to read a simple bedtime story or sing a soothing lullaby
  • adding white noise from a fan or radio static to mimic the womb
  • enjoy a ‘night-night’ cuddle
  • settling them in a bedside crib, such as the award-winning Knuma Huddle


Now whether you leave the room and let them self-settle or bring the cot into your room is up to you. It’s important for babies to learn to self-settle early on, but many parents find they sleep better knowing their newborn is close by.

You’ll find that bedside cribs (or co-sleeping cribs) are becoming ever-more popular. On the Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib, you can have the cot-side down to comfort baby and night feed in bed, but without sharing a bed. When the side is up on the Knuma Huddle you enjoy peace of mind knowing that baby is protected from you rolling in the night, they’re cooler in their own sheets and well away from your pillows and duvet.






Mum and dad’s ABC of bonding with baby

There’s so much to worry about doing right with your first newborn, so luckily most bonding techniques will come very naturally to both mum and dad.

You can imagine that coming from the womb into the big wide world could be quite a shock for baby, so by re-establishing that safe parental bond as soon as possible you can really help soothe and settle your baby. By stimulating all five of baby’s senses with bonding, mum and dad will also help with feeding, sleeping and growing their newborn’s understanding of the world.

Proven baby bonding tips for you both to enjoy

Skin-to-skin contact – this is probably the easiest and most instinctive bonding technique for both mum and dad. Simply lay your baby on your bare chest so they can feel and smell you. On mums, baby will very quickly start to ‘breast crawl’ towards the nipple to try and feed.

Talking – Your baby is likely to already recognise both mum and dad’s voices from being in the womb. So talking to them often will help to reassure them and also teach them about the world.

Eye-to-eye contact – Baby’s vision is limited to about 30cm when they’re first born, so holding your baby really close to your face when feeding is a great way to help them recognise both their mum and dad’s faces.

Nappy changing – You’ll be doing this a lot! So this time can be made into a great bonding experience by talking to baby to soothe them and build their understanding of the world.

Attempting to breastfeed – Whether successful or not, this is a key part of bonding for mum and baby because it gives you another chance to enjoy skin-to-skin contact and talking to baby. If you invest in a bedside cot you can continue this bonding through the night by dream feeding. The Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib allows you to drop down one side so you can co-sleep and feed, by breast or bottle - without disturbing your baby too much.

This stylish baby furniture isn’t just an award-winning bedside crib, the Knuma Huddle will soon become your baby’s stand alone crib and daytime bassinet. As your baby grows, so does the Huddle, into a child’s desk and bench.Award Winning Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib banner


What’s the best baby shower gift?

Baby showers have become so popular in recent years that, love them or hate them, most women (and even some men) will probably find themselves at one some Saturday afternoon.

They started as a way of celebrating new life and for nervous mums-to-be to gain parenting tips from mums in the community. Amongst friends they shared their wisdom on everything from giving birth to settling their baby at night and weaning their baby.

Today, a baby shower is a great excuse to have a party! Of course parenting tips are still shared, but now female friends and family get to play games, eat cake and shower mum-to-be with gifts.

If you’re not a mum yourself it can be difficult to know what to buy for a present. Baby showers are normally held in the last trimester of the pregnancy so mum probably already has drawers full of pink, blue or yellow outfits, the nursery-to-be has been cleared out (maybe even decorated) and lots of books, apps and websites have been read by mum. But there are still lots of practical stuff you could get. Of course, all mums are different, but here are our top baby shower gift suggestions:

A box of handy baby essentials like baby shampoo, bibs, nappy sacks, nappies, wipes, baby oil and cotton buds. Experienced mums have their favourite brands and can add those products that first time mums wouldn’t have thought of like a thermometer, baby nail clippers and bath emollient.

Handmade ‘promise’ vouchers offering to do things like cook the family dinner one night, baby sit for their first night out, get on top of the ironing, do the hoovering. New mums are sure to appreciate these simple gestures.

Beauty vouchers for a hair cut, pedicure or facial could lift mum’s spirits in the last few weeks of pregnancy, after all, it could be a good few months before she gets time to do these beauty things after baby is born! You could make it even more of a treat by choosing a beautician who can visit the mum-to-be’s home.

A stylish but practical changing bag can really make those early days out easier. For new mums who have always treated themselves to beautiful bags and shoes, this can be a really thoughtful gift. Of course, you can also fill it with nappies, nappy cream, spare clothes and bibs.

Gift voucher for the new parents’ first night out together (along with the promise of babysitting!). Choose a lovely restaurant for them to look forward to and book when they feel ready.

Photo session with a local photographer to capture those precious first months and early years with mum and dad.

Larger sized baby clothes can be a surprisingly appreciated baby shower gift. Often new mums excitedly buy the tiny outfits, but having a stock of outfits for all seasons and the first 12 months will help mum along for longer.

Email everyone on the baby shower invite list and ask them to club together for a piece of modern Knuma baby furniture. Both the Knuma Connect and Knuma Huddle grow with baby so the new parents will be reminded of your kind gift for years to come.

The Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib lets mum safely co-sleep next to baby so she can easily feed and comfort the little one through the night. In later months this award winning bedside crib can become a standalone crib or a removable bassinet for daytime naps. Then as the child grows so does the Knuma Huddle, to become a child’s desk and bench.

[caption id="attachment_464" align="aligncenter" width="416"]Award-winning Knuma Huddle and Connect Award-winning Knuma Huddle and Connect[/caption]

If the new parents already have a bedside cot, a Knuma Connect 4-in-1 highchair is a modern and stylish piece of baby furniture that not only helps with weaning baby, but transforms into an easy clean highchair and later a child’s table and chair.


baby weaning highchair

Weaning your baby and the best food to give them

best highchairs for weaningOften mothers are eager and enthusiastic to start giving their babies food other than breast milk or formula. When to wean depends on the individual baby, but as they reach four-six months your little one will be sitting up, or trying to, and will be ready to start eating ‘real’ food. It’s a really important step in their development, and it can be great fun to explore new flavours and textures together.

When it is time to wean your baby the question new mums ask is “what food do I wean my baby with?”

There are two different ways to approach weaning:

  • Making puréed fruits and vegetables and spooning them into your baby’s mouth

Blending soft fruits and vegetable in a blender or mashing them with a potato masher, so that they can easily be spoon-fed to your baby. This is about getting the hang of eating and swallowing from a spoon.


  • Baby led weaning

Putting small pieces of food in front of your baby and letting them feed themselves. At first, most of the food will end up on the floor (or elsewhere), but slowly your child will figure out how to get the food in their mouth. All that baby-led weaning technically “requires” is a washable high chair and a high tolerance for mess. No blenders, no baby spoons, no plastic plates.

Whichever way you decide to do it (you may decide to swap between the two) here is a list of foods that are easy on your baby’s little tummy and make a great weaning option:

CONNECT 01Cereals

Rice and Oatmeal cereals are the least of the allergenic grains and thus most babies are started out with those cereals. You don’t have to start with cereal - you could try avocado instead or banana.


May be served raw after 8 months old or earlier if the fruits are soft and your baby does not have digestion troubles - bananas and avocados do not need to be cooked before you give them to your baby.


Always serve cooked until after 12 months old or when baby can chew well enough so that they do not choke.


Breast milk and formula can still be given to you baby whilst weaning, they may still like the comfort that is brings or it can be used when you don’t have time for a proper meal. Do not replace breast milk or formula with cows until after 12 months of age - serious health risks are possible. Never give a child under the age of 2yrs old low fat or skim milk products; whole milk is necessary.


Remember your baby was only on breastfeed or formula for the first few months, now that you have introduced other food items, water is a necessity. It will help keep your baby hydrated, clean the systems and aid digestion too.

When you do start weaning remember there will be mess, have the bibs at the ready and with the Knuma Connect, which has just been awarded 5 stars by project baby magazine, cleaning up is easy with our easy to clean hardwearing surfaces, making your life easier.

There are numerous sites that can help answer many questions when it comes to weaning your little one for example: NHS. Many, sucConnect highchair h as this Cow & Gate blog will help you put together a plan for your baby and suggest recipes you might like to try.

All this may lead you to ask, ‘What’s the best highchair for baby weaning?’. We’ve talked a lot in our recent blogs of the benefits of the multifunctional Knuma Connect 4-in-1 highchair and how it can be an integral part of your journey from your baby’s first taste of solids when weaning your baby, all the way through to your child sitting at their own table and chair to feeding themselves. And certainly, for important factors such as durability, ease of cleaning, flexibility and of course, comfort, you’ll find the Connect highchair comes up trumps.

Happy mealtimes!

If you need further help and advice speak to a health professional.

Source: Wholesome Baby Food


Getting enough sleep – a simple guide to how much sleep your little one needs

As a new parent you are bound to obsess over how much sleep your baby needs. Is your baby sleeping enough? Should I calculate their naptime more meticulously? Should I be concerned that he/she doesn’t sleep through the night?

Coming up with a soothing nightly routine, setting an appropriate bedtime, and putting your baby to bed drowsy (but awake) all set the stage for helping your baby get enough sleep at night. When baby rouses after dark, keep the lights dim, speak softly, and minimise your interaction so that he/she doesn’t fully wake up.

Schedule your baby’s naps and meals at the same times each day to get them used to being in a routine. This predictability helps them stay calm and happy, which makes it easier for baby to settle down to sleep.


All children are different but here’s a rough guide to how much sleep your little one should be getting:

Zero to six months: This is the most peaceful and restful phase in a child’s life. Your baby should be sleeping anywhere between 16 to 20 hours a day. However, this varies from one baby to another. This might not be a single stretch, and your baby will wake up often for a feed that can be either after two to three hours or e71ffxgccxtl-sl1500-ven less.

One way to make bedtimes easier and to improve the quality of your sleep is to use a bedside crib such as the Knuma Huddle 4-in-1, voted by Mother & Baby as their favourite bedside crib 2016, beating the likes of the Snuzpod Crib and the Chicco Next2Me bedside crib.

Keep your baby close by your side in their own defined space for the first six months with the Huddle, which allows you to comfort and feed your baby throughout the night with ease and peace of mind. You do’t even need to get out of bed, which will help you get the important sleep you need as a new parent too.

The multi-functional Huddle can also be used as a stand-alone crib and has a removable bassinet, which is perfect for daytime naps around the home.

Read more about the innovative Knuma Huddle and the ups and downs of sleeping with your baby here.

6 to 12 months: As your baby grows older, they start discovering the world around him/her. Sleep time could be anywhere between 12 to 15 hours, with a nap of around three hours in the afternoon.

1 to 3 years: There is more activity in your toddler’s life than just lying down and sleep. However, on an average, they might sleep for 13 hours with a two to three-hour long nap in between.

3 to 5 years: Of course, this is the age where your child gets busier, social and active. While that is a normal path of development, sleep is also essential. A minimum of 12 hours of sleep is required for this age.

5 to 10 years and beyond: As your child grows, their sleep time can reduce, but make sure that all through their primary schooling, they get a minimum of 10 and maximum of 12 hours of sleep in a day.

Source: The health Site.




The rise of the Dad Bloggers, because men have babies too!

Every day more and more dads are taking to their keyboards to share with the world the trials and tribulations of modern day parenthood. Yes, there are mummy blogs all over the Internet, but in the past couple of years there has been the rise in the number of dads taking to the Internet to tell their side too has been phenomenal.

And getting dads’ side of the story has been great fun so far.

Dads share anything from personal stories and new gadgets, to lifestyle topics and cooking, so brands are keen to work with dads too as they value a dad’s opinion on their baby products. As Knuma was created by 3 hard-working fathers, we value what dads out there think about our products, just as much as mums. In fact, because we design not only for babies, but parents too, we care just as much about what dads think about our competitors in the same market, such as the Stokke Tripp Trapp or the Oxo Tot Sprout highchair.

Dad blogs are a great resource too, especially when you’re looking for the best high chairs around. That’s because, despite what organised mums might joke about, many dads love making lists as much as they love keeping things as simple as possible. So you’ll often come across posts such as ’10 of the best highchairs’, ‘the most popular highchairs’ or the ‘best selling co-sleeping cribs’ – where you’ll get straight to the point and get what you’re looking for, pretty much immediately.

Here are a few of our favourite Dad blogs that we think you should take a look at:The dad network, gold award 2015, huddle award, co-sleeping, cosleeping,-1024x1024


The Dad Network

Not only did we receive a gold award for our Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib from this dad blogger, but The Dad Network also offers an online hub and support network for dad’s like never before.


The Dad Venturer

A top 10 UK Dad Blog and top 200 UK Parenting Blog chronicling life as a stay at home dad, containing random thoughts, brutal honesty and plenty of laughs


Dad Blog UK

A stay at home dad with two young girls, blogging about fatherhood, parenting, equalities and lifestyle issues.


Man vs. Pink

Stay at home dad blogger chronicling the fun and games of a geek father, his fangirl daughter, and their ongoing struggle against pinkification



Britain’s premier parent blogger: according to the Sunday Times. Charts life as a married dad of 3 and the challenges of balancing home and work.


Check them out - they’e a great source of fun, fatherly insight and who knows, if you’re a dad, they may even inspire you to start bashing out a blog!

Eat, sit and be stress-free – a simple guide to better mealtimes with babies


CONNECT-mid-highchair-orange, multifunctional highchair, stylish highcahir, adaptable highchair

At Knuma we know how messy and frustrating weaning and mealtimes can be with your baby or toddler. You’re going to need a great highchair to give your little one their own little dining area. A well-designed highchair will not only help your baby through mealtimes, but also safe playtime.

That’s why we have created the Knuma Connect 4-in-1 highchair, a multifunctional highchair to help take you through from your baby’s first taste of solids when weaning your baby, all the way through to sitting at their own child’s table and chair to feed themselves. Knuma’s Connect is so versatile; it will see your child through the first six years. From weaning, as a full size highchair with a 5-point harness and adjustable tray, to a mid-height highchair for use at the dinner table, to a toddler or child’s desk and chair, helpful for independent eating and playing.



Here are some of our tips to make mealtimes with your little ones as stress free as possible:


  • Make sure your child feels like part of the family

Place your child’s highchair close to the table and include them as much as possible in your family mealtimes. Knuma’s Connect 4-in-1 highchair has been designed with this in mind, as the Connect can be transformed into a mid-height highchair so that your child can sit at the table with you and they’ll also be able to learn from watching you.


  • Give your little one their own bowls and cutlerybabies highchair, easy to use highchair, adaptable highchair, stylish highchair

Having their own special plates, bowls and cutlery will make your toddler excited about mealtimes when it comes to self-feeding. Having their favourite pictures or characters at the bottom of their bowl will mean they want to clear their plates. Buy bowls with suckers on to keep them in place when you child is learning to self-feed, this will give them a sense of control.


  • Offer your child options at mealtimes

As your child starts to eat more, offer them a choice: would you like chicken or fish? Peas or sweet corn? Or let them put their food on their plates from a main serving bowl on the dinner table. Then try to introduce new or less popular foods alongside old favourites. Encourage them to try, but avoid forcing them to eat it. Just keep offering it in the future.


  • Praise and reward your child when they eat well

Smile and use lots of praise throughout your baby’s mealtimes, they will pick up on your positive energy. As your child grows, reward your child for eating well, don’t use sweets or puddings but stickers or reward charts or simply clapping hands or letting them help clear the table.


  • Make your child’s meal look fun and exciting

You can make a simple meal look appealing to children by using lots of colour, cutting their food into shapes or by simply arranging it into a smiley face. Give your child small portions so that they are not overwhelmed at mealtimes, giving them small amounts means they will feel a sense of accomplishment at having eaten everything on their plates.


  • stylish highchair, babies highchair, multifunctional highchair, adaptable highchairLet your little ones help prepare their meal

Involve your toddler in the kitchen by letting them help you with the preparations. This could be something as simple as passing you the vegetables to wash or chop or helping to stir the cake mix. They will then be excited about eating what they have helped to create, it will also set them up with skills for when they can prepare certain dishes themselves, plus gives you that special bonding time.


  • Expect mealtimes to be messy

As your baby starts out on solid foods, and even with toddlers, you can expect a lot of mess. Prepare for this in advance with a plastic sheet under their highchair, bibs and wipes at the ready. Ignore the mess during mealtime and clean up afterwards. With the Knuma Connect, cleaning up is easy with our easy to clean hardwearing surfaces, making your life easier.

So there you have it: embrace the mess and you’ll have less stress. And invest in an easy-clean children’s highchair, such as Knuma’s Connect and you can make life even easier for yourself.

From popular co-sleeping cribs to the best children’s high chairs, Knuma shows off at ExCel, London

The Baby Show at ExCel London, held from 19th - 21st February this year was yet another chance for the Knuma team to meet lots of lovely new parents and mums and dads to be. The Baby Show is the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event and attracts more than 23,000 visitors across the three days. It has everything needed for bump, baby and beyond.

The show had a huge array of essential baby products and was a great chance to rub shoulders with other trusted brands such as Snuzpod, Tommee Tippee, Stokke and Chicco, to name just a few. As creators of innovative children’s furniture ourselves, we appreciated the many great designs that were on show. Parents could make some excellent savings too, with thousands walking away with great value products, which always gets the Knuma thumbs up. Expert advice was also available from leading baby experts covering hot topics including, weaning, breastfeeding and co-sleeping.

It was at last year’s ExCelKnuma Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib in its different modes London Baby Show that we launched our Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib and this year we were there to showcase our crib again. With the market for co-sleeping cribs steadily growing, we were there to introduce and demonstrate the Huddle to the many visitors that passed through our stall. And with 20% off for Baby Show visitors, many of them snapped up a Huddle crib for themselves.

Our director Christian was at the show and had this to say:

“We launched the Huddle at last year’s Excel show and were really pleased to see some of our customers from that show come back to see us at our stand this year, complete with their newest family members.They gave us some great positive feedback on the Huddle and told us how using it had made bedtime much easier for them.They were even happy to recommend the Huddle to the new parents at the show which made for quite a buzz on our stand.”




Knuma named ‘number one’ in must-have baby products

We even received a wonderful mention from bunintheovernbirthing, who snapped up a Huddle after a visit to the Knuma stand and listed us as number one in their ‘must have’ baby products from the show. You can read their blog here.knuma-connect

Like last year, our Connect 4-in-1 highchair went down a storm again.Thousands of mums and dads are already familiar with its range of benefits; transforming easily from a full-size highchair with a 5-point harness and adjustable tray into a mid-height highchair for use at the dinner table – and then to a toddler or child’s desk and chair. Just as great for the very early stages as it is for independent eating and when they start to bring their homework home,  it’s easy to see why it was proving so popular again.

If you missed The Baby Show at Excel London, don’t panic! There are two more where you can pick up our lovely Knuma products:

NEC Birmingham 13th -15th May 2016

Olympia London 21st – 23rd October 2016

Look out for the special offers we will be offering at the events by following us on Facebook and Twitter @knumafurniture and a big thanks to all parents who’ve already liked, shared and loved our Knuma range.

Knuma's Lovely Bunch Competition

Mums – They’re A Lovely Bunch

Here at Knuma we know how hard mums work: Mum is just another word for ‘multi-tasking genius.’

Modern day mums have to turn their hands to numerous professions, from hairdresser to party organiser, working as a taxi-service, travel agent and teacher all in their ‘spare’ time. Not to mention the ability to also be a cleaner, children’s entertainer, accountant and chef all whilst trying to look after themselves and the house.

We think all mums are a lovely bunch. That’s why we’re sending some lucky mums a lovely mixed bouquet of flowers on behalf of their little ones – to say a big Thanks for all their love and devotion.

To be in with a shout of having beautiful fresh flowers delivered on Mother’s Day to yourself or the most-deserving mum you know, like, share and comment on either our Twitter @knumafurniture or Facebook page. You can nominate an amazing mum by tagging them in your comment and telling us why they’re the best ever.

We’ll pluck a couple of lucky winners from all the lovely bunch of mums that entered and send them a little extra love on Mother’s Day.

Knuma's Lovely Bunch Competition



Competition opens Wednesday 24th February and closes Tuesday 1st March at 12pm. Winners will be announced Wednesday 2nd March on Twitter and Facebook and asked to contact us with their details and an address of where the flowers are to be sent. Knuma will aim to arrange delivery of the flowers on MotherÔÇÖs Day (Sunday 6th March). If however our chosen delivery service cannot deliver on this day, the flowers will delivered around this date. Knuma cannot be held liable for late delivery. To enter you must reside in the UK. Knuma reserves the right to amend or cancel this competition at any time for any reason. KnumaÔÇÖs decision in all matters will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be provided. You are providing information to Knuma and not to Facebook or Twitter. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter. By participating you hereby release and hold harmless Facebook or Twitter from any and all liability with this promotion.
Mother with child

The ups and downs of sleeping with your baby

Recent research shows new parents lose 44 days of sleep in their first year as a new parent.

That’s more than 6 weeks according to Ergoflex.

Top reasons for sleep loss in new parents

  1. Feeding your baby at night
  2. Infants waking up and crying
  3. Parents waking up with worry

Your body getting used to a lack of sleep turning into insomnia, together with stacking up chores were also common problems that contributed to lack of sleep.

The thing is, and this is especially so in new parents, sleep is one of the most important elements in everyone’s lives. And that need for sleep goes for new babies, too. It’s why they choose to do it so much during the day. Sleep is vital for letting our bodies and minds rejuvenate and is the foundation of a healthy life.

Mother with childSo how can you and your baby get the sleep you need to keep you both healthy?

Co-sleeping cribs are becoming more and more popular; they allow the parent to have the baby close to them at night without the risks associated with traditional bed-sharing. With the best co-sleeping cribs you are laying next to your baby and can have the cot-side down, but without sharing a bed with your baby – or the bed covers for that matter. And with the unique mesh design of the Knuma Huddle 4-in1 bedside crib you and your baby can still see each other even with the cot side up.

Most co-sleepers are safe in that they attach to the side of the bed, making it easier for breastfeeding and soothing through the night and here, Knuma’s Huddle is no exception, attaching to your bed whether you have a divan or a framed bed. With the least amount of disturbance to you and your baby, whether you are feeding, soothing them or comforting them, a co-sleeping cot is a great way to get a better night’s sleep.

The best co-sleeping cots for breastfeeding mums?

Many breastfeeding mothers choosing to bed-share do it precisely because they get more sleep, manage their milk supply better, and attach more intensely with their babies.

With the best co-sleeping beds such as Knuma’s Huddle, mums have the luxury of being in constant eye-contact with baby and with many, in constant touch when the side is down. That means minimum fuss, maximum closeness and all the reassurance you need. And whilst, in other countries, co-sleeping or sharing sleep as it’s often referred to, is considered the norm, it’s almost considered taboo in this country, which is why the UK’s best co-sleeping cribs have really taken off.

In short, the key benefits of sleeping next to your baby are:

  • You spend extra time together
  • Mother and baby build a stronger bond
  • Parents sleep better…
  • …and they sleep better knowing baby is safe
  • Co-sleeping makes feeding/breast feeding much easier
  • Breastfeeding at night helps maintain milk supply
  • Mother can soothe baby with less disturbance to sleep patterns
  • With the Huddle the baby is in it’s own safe sleeping space
  • Safer than bed sharing
  • The Knuma Huddle has a gentle rocking motion that helps soothe the baby


The benefits of side sleeping

Often co-sleeping is called side sleeping and there are many benefits of sleeping close to your baby. You’ll get to spend extra time with your little one whilst developing a much stronger bond. It’s not just your baby that will feel the benefits; you too can sleep much easier knowing your child is close by and safe from harm. Also, if you’re asking yourself, “Does side sleeping makes breastfeeding easier?”, you’ll find the answer in not needing to leave the room or fully disturb your sleep pattern, meaning you get the much needed rest you deserve.

But is co-sleeping safe?

When done safely, mother-infant co-sleeping saves infants lives and contributes to infant and maternal health and well-being. Merely having an infant sleeping in a room with a committed adult caregiver (co-sleeping) is reported to reduce the chances of an infant dying from SIDS or from an accident by one half!

On top of that nursing mums who co-sleep with their babies report feeling better rested. Because they do not have to leave the bed to nurse, their sleep patterns are less disturbed and they feel more alert and focused during the daytime. More reasons why it’s well worth anyone looking to buy a co-sleeping bedside crib really does their research.

Just be aware though, if you’re asking, when will my baby start sleeping through the night, or, how do I settle my baby when they’re awake we’re not saying that co-sleeping or co-sleeping bedside cribs will influence when baby starts sleeping all night. Some babies are simply better at soothing themselves back to sleep than others. But it’s very much a bonus if you can positively affect having a better night’s sleep.





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