Co Sleeping Cot for High Beds

Huddle+ The Perfect Co Sleeping Crib for High or Tall Beds

When choosing any co sleeping cot, one that sits aligned to the mattress height of your own bed is essential. With 10 height settings Knuma’s Huddle+ is one of the highest co sleeping cots on the market, ensuring that both baby and parent are safe and comfortable in the night when sleeping. Tall beds tend … Continued

Huddle bedside crib

Safer Sleep Week – 13th to 17th March

It is Safer Sleep Week in the UK, launched by The Lullaby Trust and partners who aim to reach as many new and expectant parents to raise awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The Trust is dedicated to halving the number of SIDS occurring by 2020 and gives proven advice on how parents and … Continued

How to stop night terrors in toddlers

If your little one suffers with night terrors, you’ll know just how helpless you feel watching them. It’s not really known why night terrors happen, but there is some good advice below on how to prevent them.

Night terrors are different from nightmares in that:

  • Night terrors tend to happen in the first third of the night
  • Your toddler might scream, sit bolt upright, thrash around or jump out of bed
  • They will have their eyes wide open but aren’t fully awake
  • They won’t remember anything about it in the morning

What should you do when they’re having a night terror?

You’ll find that you can’t wake or comfort your toddler when they’re having a night terror because they don’t realise you’re there. And the NHS advises not to try and comfort them because you might make them more agitated. The best thing you can do is stay calm and keep them safe by moving anything a thrashing toddler could hurt themselves on and cushioning the headboard and floor in case they fall out of bed.

Once the terror is over, it’s a good idea to wake your child fully before going back to sleep, so that you stop the cycle and prevent another terror.

Can you stop terrors before they start?

If the night terrors are happening often and around the same time each night, the NHS recommends waking your child 15 minutes before this time every night for seven nights. You don’t have to wake them fully, just so their eyes are open and this should disrupt their sleep pattern enough to stop the terrors.

You can also help promote more relaxing sleep and less risk of terrors, by setting a soothing bedtime routine. Find out what things relax your toddler like a warm bath, reading a simple story in a soft voice, having a cuddle, the sound of radio static.

If your toddler is going through an episode of night terrors it might also help to get them off to a good sleep by using a bedside crib like the 4-in-1 Knuma Huddle. Not only could it help settle them better, they’ll be well protected in the bedside crib if they do have a terror and thrash around.

Bedside Crib Review – The 4-in-1 Huddle comes out joint top in Mother & Baby Magazine!

As co-sleeping cribs are becoming more and more popular with parents, Mother & Baby Magazine has put some of the top brands to the test with real-life mums.

We are very pleased to announce that our very own Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib came out joint top with the Snuzpod. Beating the likes of Chicco Next2Me and the Halo Bassinest, with a score of 11/15.



Bedside cribs allow the parent to have baby close to them at night without the risks associated with traditional bed-sharing. With the best co-sleeping cribs you are lying next to your baby and can have the cot-side down, but without sharing a bed with your baby -or the bed covers for that matter. And with the unique mesh design of the Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib, you and your baby can still see each other even with the cot side up.



The Mums testing the Huddle scored us highly based on:Huddle Bedside Crib Video Shoot

  • The sturdy and stylish design
  • The fact that the Huddle converts easily into a co-sleeper (with the help of the handy zips)
  • The longevity of the Huddle (which turns into a stand-alone crib; and then later a desk for your child to use until the age of 12)

These are just a snippet of the reviews from the article; you can read the rest in the September 2016 issue of Mother & Baby Magazine


ÔÇ£This couldnÔÇÖt be easier tIMG_8930o convert to a co-sleeper – it just unzips. I love that the bassinet lifts off the stand and can be carried around the house. Versatile and worth the extra spend, especially as the desk feature extends its lifespan, making it better value for money.ÔÇØ Carly (12w)

ÔÇ£This crib can also be converted into a desk with chair when your little one outgrows it so itÔÇÖs a great investmentÔÇØ Mother & Baby Magazine (Sep 2016

best bedside crib

Why a bedside crib is best and what to look for…

If your first baby is on the way, it can be hard to know what baby furniture you’ll need and which features to look for. When it comes to cots, one of the big questions is whether you need a standalone crib, a bedside crib or a Moses basket (also called bassinets).

Moses baskets are typically made of wicker and have carry handles, but because they’re perfectly sized for newborns, babies do grow out of them quickly. Cribs or cots are usually wooden and much bigger to allow for your little one to grow. You normally have the choice of a standalone crib or a bedside crib which lets you sleep beside your baby whilst keeping them safe in their own space.

The best of both

As parents often don’t know how their little one will sleep, you can now buy cribs which convert from being bassinets to standalone cribs and bedside cribs, like the SnuzPod2, Chicco Next 2 Me and Knuma Huddle.

Most parents have baby in their bedroom for around six months. It can be very dangerous to sleep with baby in your bed, so having the option of a bedside crib can be a good solution. Safely attached to your divan or bedframe using straps, bedside cribs have drop down sides which allow you to feed and soothe baby without getting up out of bed. But the big benefit is that you can put the side up and keep baby safely in their crib away from your bed covers.

What to look for in a bedside crib?

  • Make sure you choose a bedside crib that reaches the same height as your mattress. With 10 height settings, the Knuma Huddle is especially good for higher beds. This extra height will also help to protect your back when lifting baby from the cot
  • Check the material of the drop-down sides. Fully meshed sides make it much easier for you and your baby to see each other, even with the cot side up
  • As babies grow quicker than we wish to think, it’s worth thinking about a crib that grows with them. For instance, the Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Crib transforms into a child’s desk, so your investment lasts for up to 12 years

With so mCo-sleeping-crib-award-winner-Knumaany things to think about, buying the right crib can feel overwhelming. To help make your mind up, you can read what other     mums’ thought of the Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Bedside Crib here and why they awarded it Bronze in the Mother & Baby Awards 2016 and why it was joint winner of the bedside crib in Mother & Baby Magazines September 2016 issue



“@knumafurniture we brought our newborn son home on Monday & are LOVING the Knuma Huddle. It’s perfect for keeping us close at night time”

6 top secrets for sneaking fruit and veg into your toddler’s diet

You know yourself that getting your toddler to sit down long enough to eat, never mind eat a balanced diet, is tricky! And if they’re a fussy eater or going through the “no” stage, it’s even more difficult. So rather than worrying if they’re getting nutrients, it’s time for you to have fun and get sneaky with fruit and veg!

What vitamins and nutrients does my child need?

Just like you, your toddler needs a varied diet to get all the starch, iron, protein, calcium, omega 3, vitamins and minerals to develop into a strong and healthy child. This great Baby Centre article gives you lots of information on these food groups and which foods contain them.

It’s not just physical development that a balanced diet can influence. Eating well in the early years can also help your child have a happy relationship with food later on and be more adventurous in the foods they try.

Making fruit and veg fun for kids

If you cook most meals and snacks there are plenty of opportunities to sneak in fruit, veg, dairy and meat without your toddler noticing. And even if you haven’t time to cook from scratch, there are still lots of little ways you can add the most important food groups into prepared meals.

  1. Make dips & veg - Buy pots of houmous, guacamole or soft cheese and arrange colourful veg like peppers, carrot and cherry tomatoes in fun patterns on the plate. Or try making your own veg houmous by blending up chargrilled veg, chick peas, lemon and garlic.
  1. Have fun baking together – Make healthy banana bread, carrot cake with cream cheese topping, blueberry and banana muffins or oatmeal and raisin cookies.
  1. Healthy snacks – Forget crisps and chocolate and make your own ice lollies with fruit and yoghurt, or put their favourite fruits on cocktails sticks and freeze them.
  1. Homemade soup – This is a great way to use up veg and get lots greens into your child’s diet. You can make it easier to eat by thickening the soup with potato.
  1. Veg pasta – Rather than using white or brown pasta, you can make “spaghetti” from squash by cooking it first and forking the flesh out or if you have a spiralizer try courgetti and sweet potato bolognaise
  1. Veg confetti – Whizz up carrots, squash, cauliflower or mushrooms and sprinkle on pasta. For a super healthy pizza, you could sprinkle veg confetti on the base and top with cheese and a tomato sauce doctored with pureed peppers and carrots.



If you’re struggling to get your child to stay at the table long enough to try your cooking, try a follow-on highchair like the Knuma Connect. This adaptable 4-in-1 furniture transforms into a mid-height highchair with a 5-point harness, so your toddler can sit at the dinner table for longer and enjoy your veg-packed meals!

When and why your baby will love being read to

Reading a bedtime story to your child may be one of the things you’re looking forward to most when they’re a bit older, but the good news is, it’s never too early to start.

From the moment they’re born, you can ‘read’ books with big colourful images and interactive puppets and peepholes. They’ll pick up on the tone of your voice and love being cuddled. As dads ourselves, we’ve all commented on how bedtime stories were a great way for us to get involved in the bedtime routine. After a bath and bottle, cuddle up in bed with the Knuma Huddle crib attached to the bedside and read together until baby falls asleep, then you can lay them safely down without waking.

Why are bedtime stories so good?

Not only is reading a great way to make your baby feel loved, safe and calm, there’s also mounting evidence that children who are read to master language much quicker than those who are not, according to Dr Lyons at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Maryland.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Here are 8 more benefits of reading to your child at any age:

Helps brain development – by having fun with voices and sound effects, you’ll help engage their auditory cortex

Reduces stress – reading helps calm your baby and, as they grow up, it can help them deal with any troubles by giving them characters to relate to

Improves speech - as your baby becomes a toddler, they’ll start jabbering when they read and picking up how words are pronounced

Widen their vocabulary – explain the meaning of new words as you go along and they’ll make sense of it in relation to the story

Improves their language – by hearing the same words in different contexts, they’ll use the words more naturally in their conversation

Improves their creativity – by reading fanciful stories, you’ll help their own imaginations run wild

Provides a moral code – as they get older they will start to learn right and wrong from stories and how to care for their friends and family

Teaches them how reading works – reading to your child not only teaches them that reading is fun and creative, it also teaches them that words and pictures sit on a page together and that we read left to right.

No matter what age your little one is, putting on silly voices and venturing into magical worlds together is as much a benefit as it is a pleasure – for both parents and children.




Baby weaning

10 baby food recipes for weaning and solids

At Knuma, we think weaning your baby onto solids is a big and exciting step for mum, dad and baby. You’ll soon get to know what they like to eat and you might get a few new creations for the grown-up menu!

Breast and bottle milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs for the first few months so most parents start weaning (or complimentary feeding) at about six months. The NHS says there are three clear signs you’ll see all together that baby is ready to try solids:

  1. They can stay in a sitting position and hold their head steady
  2. They can co-ordinate their eyes, hands and mouth so they can look at the food, pick it up and put it in their mouth, all by themselves
  3. They can swallow food – Babies who are not ready will push their food back out with their tongue, so they get more round their face than they do in their mouths.

Getting the basics right

CONNECT 01One of the first things you’ll discover is just how messy solids can be! Sweet potato puree in the hair, clothes, chair and floor is not easy to clean up, but a good highchair can make a real difference. The Knuma Connect 4-in-1 Highchair is made from stylish beech wood, so not only is it stable for wriggling babies, it’s hardwearing to withstand lots of cleaning.

The Knuma Connect tray is coated in Melamine and is completely flat for easy cleaning in seconds. The machine washable seat cushion is also designed to be hygienic, with no unnecessary creases to trap foodin and a five-point harness that goes over the shoulders and between the legs to keep wriggling to a minimum. What’s more, being a 4-in-1 highchair, Knuma Connect grows with your baby from a full-height highchair to a child’s chair and table, so it rivals other baby furniture like the Stokke Tripp Trapp and the Micuna Ovo and various others for versatility and longevity.

What will you try first

The good news is, weaning can be much more exciting than baby cereal! By keeping the menu
focused on nutrient-rich foods, you’ll be serving up brightly coloured, naturally tasty foods. And as you both get more adventurous, it’s amazing what herbs and spices you can add, rather than salts and refined sugars.

First foods (you can add a little breast milk or formula to make any of these easier for young babies to eat)

Sweet potato – babies love their natural sweetness and they’re packed with vitamin C, potassium and fibre. Simply peel, cook and mash the sweet potato into a smooth puree.

Avocado – rich in unsaturated fat, avocados are great for baby’s brain development. They can be filling so peel and puree them as a side dish.

Banana – babies need carbs to keep their energy levels up and fibre for digestion - and ripe, thoroughly mashed bananas are pack full of both.

Although you’re only introducing solids gradually, your baby can become constipated. So keep them well hydrated with water and fruit purees and try making a diluted prune juice.

As your baby’s system gets more used to solids, you can try a whole variety of interesting and tasty baby foods like blueberries, pear, mandarins, butternut squash, lentils, greens, broccoli, meat, carrots, tomatoes and peas. Try these baby recipes:

For older babies aged 10 months plus, try these baby food recipes:


best highchairs on the market

Knuma Connect gets high praise in Asia

For three dads from Leeds, this has been an incredible month! The Knuma Connect 4-in-1 Highchair is not only exhibiting for the very first time at a lifestyle exhibition in Tokyo, but Knuma Connect has also launched in Taiwan too! It’s a huge delight to everyone at Knuma that this 4-stage adjustable highchair is proving such a hit in Asia.

knuma connect highcahir taiwan baby show exhibit


Connecting with parents in Taiwan

One renowned Taiwanese blogger and photographer, known as Max, is really singing the praises of the Knuma Connect. Rather than focusing on the aesthetics of this stylish piece of baby furniture as many of us do in the UK, this blogger was really impressed by the safety features of the Connect and how easy it was to assemble at every stage.

Max loves how versatile the Knuma Connect is saying “it’s a comfortable child’s table and chair. What’s more, it can be used as a dinner table and chair, where the child can have meals on their own or with parents.” He goes on to say that having just decorated his home in the Muji style, he loves how well the highchair fits in.

“It’s both good-looking and safe”

Max is also really impressed by the well-designed safety features of the Knuma Connect. “At the bottom of the chair legs and the table legs, there are white non-slip feet stopping the chair sliding and leaning forward. There are two grooves at the bottom of each chair frame, which fix the table top in place. In addition, there are safety studs fixing the footrest in place.” He says “the Knuma Connect 4-in-1 Highchair is like a custom-made product as its dimensions are quite sKnuma Connect taiwan blog boy eating at highchairuitable for Ray”

Max finishes his article saying that “The designs of children’s products become meaningful when children rely on the products entirely, and love them strongly. This is because children are straightforward and honest. If they like it, they are happy and willing to use it. Otherwise, they don’t use it at all.” So it’s great to hear that Ray (his 2 year old) didn’t want to leave the highchair and that he rushes to the table and enjoys playing building blocks on it!











WIN a Knuma Huddle with The Dad Network ‘cos Dads need sleep too!

If you’re a new dad or a dad-to-be you’ll be all too aware that the first six weeks are the most exhausting with your baby’s lack of sleep and for mum and you desperate for forty winks. But it does provide hilarious moments for the rest of us watching dads fall asleep in the most random places!

With Father’s Day coming up, we wanted to help one lucky dad or dad-to-be get some more sleep. So we’ve teamed up with the brilliant Dad Network to give away a Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 bedside crib. It may not be hi-tech, but it’s an essential piece of kit. Just by dropping one side of the crib down, you or mum can sleep next to your baby so that you can feed and comfort your newborn without the hazards of co-sleeping in the same bed. Dad Network awarded it Gold in the Dad Rated Product Awards 2015.

All dads need to do for a chance of winning is enter at The Dad Network here

Winning tips even if you’re not our lucky winnerCo-sleeping-crib-award-winner-Knuma

You’ll probably have a lot of parents sugar-coating the sleep issue for you. Being dads of toddlers ourselves, we thought we’d share a little wisdom and encouragement with you instead.

On average parents get just 5.1 hours of sleep a night in the first year of their baby’s life. Research says you need 6+ hours a night to be refreshed and functioning efficiently, so it’s normal to feel the effects of sleep deprivation on your memory, temper, mood, energy levels and appetite. If you operate machinery or do a lot of driving, please be careful and take this New South Wales ‘Test Your Tired Self’ test.

Try shift sleeping. Let mum do a feed and then go to bed about 8 - 9pm whilst you stay downstairs with baby. Do an evening feed and then go up to bed with baby about midnight and let mum do the next feed. That way mum is getting the chance of undisturbed sleep and you hopefully will later on.

On the up side, baby’s sleep patterns do change with their development stages, so if they’re a bad sleeper now, there is the chance that this will change as they develop. One major turning point is often around 12 weeks as they start to develop their day and night rhythm. By about 3 to 5 months most babies have learned to sleep for 5 hours at night.

And last but not least, remember that time flies. So even if you can’t see the light at the end of the sleep deprived tunnel at the moment, your newborn will grow up and you will get more sleep soon!

Competition opens Tuesday 7th June and closes Wednesday 16th June at 00.59pm. Winners will be announced Friday 18th June. Knuma reserves the right to amend or cancel this competition at any time for any reason. Knuma’s decision in all matters will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be provided. Open to residents in the UK only.